Area of revitalization

Szczecin Odra Park is a part of bold revitalization project of areas located near the River Odra implemented by the city. The concept is aimed at creating a new economic and service zone combining the left-bank and the right-bank of the city. The establishment of the business centre is one of key elements of this comprehensive concept.

Our goal, as Szczecin Odra Park, is to create attractive and inspiring conditions for the development of Szczecin business ecosystem. On the basis of natural values provided by the localization on not yet fully exploited riverbank, we have created a project that fits the assumptions of the concept of modern Szczecin.

Revitalization of the waterfront
The urban project aims at turning Szczecin toward the river. Inter alia, the project provides for the development of:
• Open green space along the river – including pedestrian promenade
• Public transport services along the River Odra for all newly established investments
• Cohesive elevation, imparting a modern and prestigious character to the waterfront
• Representative office buildings