Fully committed to the environment by incorporating active and passive systems of recognized certification

We realize that nowadays tenants and investors seek for new criteria rather than square meters; therefore, we have designed a project based on the new values such as productivity, efficiency, sustainability and savings.

Productivity: a happy and comfortable employee is a productive employee. Our space ensures that staff is provided with abundant natural light and exterior views, high level of fresh air and huge glass windows.

Efficiency: our floor space is highly flexible and can easily suit requirements for open space varying between 10 and 15 sqm per work station.

Sustainability: the project has been designed considering all green buildings standards such as environmental impact, rational water consumption, energy consumption and emissions of the building, for the purpose of applying for Green Certification, recognized as one of the most prestigious. Some of the specifications include:

• Roof gardens
• Use of recycled and local materials
• Ventilated facades
• Brise solei facades for solar control
• Thermal and acoustic insulation
• Glasses of low heat transfer
• Energy-efficient lighting and machinery
• Fire alarm systems and fire extinguishing control
• Back-up generator
• Low power lighting
• Central control facilities
• Centralized heat supply for heating and DHW
• Solar energy for DHW
• Independent sanitary networks
• Reuse of grey water and rainwater
• Drip irrigation in roofs and gardens
• Selective waste collection
• Bicycle and pedestrian access
• Plumbing

Savings: our architectural design and equipment are targeted at reduction of the operating costs of both common and private space, making our occupiers use less A/C, heating and lighting.